The Class Website’s Overlooked Motivator: Sharing Page

The truth is that if we think about it, we will all likely know that sharing student work is a huge motivator.  What we tend to do is forget how we can use the class website to take that motivation to a whole new level.  With a little help from their teacher, students...

How Symbaloo Took My Work and Claimed It As Their Own!

My experience with Symbaloo has been a long one.  For many years, I was passionate about them and I poured hours upon hours into developing educational webmixes on specific content.  I was with them through their growing pains and there were many.  I remember when...

Free K-12 PowerPoints To Add To Class Websites

There’s really no reason it has to take lots of time to find great resources for your class website.  Here’s a fast, quick resource that is awesome no matter what grade or content you teach.  World of Teaching offers free (yes, FREE) PowerPoint...

Best Practices By Educational Technology Leaders

This blog is written in honor of those leaders who have developed a style that furthers educational technology and improves academic outcomes for students. Build leadership. Look for leadership in those around you from administration to students and build their...

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Carolynn Mortensen, Ph.D.

Carolynn Mortensen, Ph.D.

Carol Mortensen has twenty-six years of educational experience. She began as a substitute teacher as she worked toward her degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Upon graduation, Carol began teaching middle school Math and Algebra I and served as the technology liaison for her campus. She served as a teacher for 16 years and was lucky to have taught at Hillcrest Middle School, a 1:1 campus where every student  was issued a laptop computer.  She also worked as an Instructional Technology Trainer for her district providing training and technology integration support for campus and district staff, faculty and administrators.
 Carol has served as the Campus Technology Integration Specialist at Fairmont Junior High and South Campus in Deer Park Independent School District. In this position, Carol provided integration support and training to the students, staff, faculty, and administrators at the campus and district level.
Carol is currently the Missouri State Lead and online Math and Technology Apps instructor for Fuel Education.  In this role, she supervises and supports teachers from the great state of Missouri in their roles as virtual instructors.  In addition, Carol continues to do what she loves so much – teach students.
Carol has completed her Ph.D. studies in Educational Technology and completed her dissertation, “Contextual Factor Profiling:  Teacher-Created Classroom Website Design in Texas High Schools.” The Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) named Carol the Classroom Teacher of the Year for her innovative and creative use of technology to create a 24/7 virtual classroom using her classroom website.
Carol has presented at school districts throughout Texas as well as state and local conferences on a variety of technology integration topics. Her article on the use of websites as an instructional tool was recently published in the TechEdge Magazine.  In February 2011, her article, Lessons Learning In a 1:1 Classroom, was published by TechEdge.  The article was republished in ISTE’s Learning  and Leading magazine.  She was named Fairmont Junior High’s Teacher of the Year for the 2011-2012 school year.
Carol is passionate about the positive impact that technology has on student achievement. Her presentations are packed with real-life solutions, quality resources, and humor. She has an ability to connect with her audience and motivate them to take technology integration to a higher quality level.
A Website Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!
Teachers. Technology. Magic. MyWeb4Ed.
If You Build It, They Will Come!

Philosophy of Education

It is not enough for us, as educators, to simply meet the needs of our diverse student population. Instead, we must strive to surpass meeting their needs and bring about growth. I am passionate about the role of technology to support life-long learning and help motivate students to participate fully in their own academic and personal growth.

In order to reach these goals, educators need the support which will enable them to provide the kind of technology integration that supports their content and enhances student understanding. Just like our students, our educators have diverse needs in order to accomplish this and we are responsible for meeting those so that the students will benefit. The process must be purposeful and relevant to the students’ needs. I believe wholeheartedly that a teacher will embrace any idea that will benefit their students and that one of our responsibilities as technology specialists is to ensure that administrators and educators are able to relate the benefit of technology integration to the success of their students. This connection leads to successful technology integration.

We are preparing students for jobs that may not even exist today. Therefore, we have to provide the students with meaningful learning that can be related to those future jobs. Students and educators need to understand the role of the digital citizen. They must understand how to remain safe and use technology for worthwhile endeavors. As technology specialists, we are charged with supporting students and educators in the ever-changing landscape of digital ethics and citizenship.

These kinds of changes and learning opportunities occur when the learning environment is a safe and positive place to be. Whether we are teaching in the classrooms or administrators providing professional development, learners must feel a partnership with their teacher and with each other. To accomplish this goal, a positive attitude, patience, understanding, empathy, and a sense of humor must be part of the learning opportunities. It is critical to acknowledge accomplishments whether they are small or large and recognize when a shaky, but forward-moving new step has been taken. Most importantly, high expectations must drive all learning. A belief in the learner and their ability to accomplish what they may not even realize they can achieve is a driving force to positive movement toward a goal.

As educators, students benefit when we collaborate together. Because of the many opportunities technology brings to education, we are able to work with students and build environments that provide 24/7 learning support. We can provide those same types of support for educators so that they can visit just-in-time resources that help them integrate technology. When we do this for teachers, we model to them what can be done for their own students.


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